Plastic Trays — The Ideal Solution for Roof Greening

Roof greening is different from general greening on the ground and has certain special characteristics. Roof greening needs to consider the following aspects:

Plastic Trays --- The Ideal Solution for Roof Greening

  • Roof greening needs to consider the load-bearing capacity of the building roof: planting the plant on the roof of the building, the weight of the structural layer and vegetation must be within the allowable load of the building, otherwise the building may crack and cause the roof to leak. Serious accidents can also result in collapse.
  • Roof greening needs to consider rapid drainage: the building structure layer is non-permeable layer. Rainwater and greening sprinklers must be discharged as soon as possible. If the roof surface accumulates water for a long time, the roots of the plants will wither the roof, and cause leakage.
  • Roof greening needs to protect building roofing and waterproofing layer: plant roots have strong penetrating ability. If do not try to prevent plant roots from damaging the building roof and waterproof layer, it may cause damage to the waterproof layer and affect its service life.
  • Difficulties in daily maintenance of roof greening: affected by terrain and architectural design, the cost of maintenance in roof greening is high.
  • The roof planting environment is rather harsh: the roof is exposed to the sun, wind and other factors, and the water evaporates too quickly.
  • Construction period: The roof greening construction is difficult and the cycle is long.

Although it is very difficult for the roof greening, GS-Container have developed a series of roof trays to solve the roof greening problem. It can be used on horizontal roof greening and also on the slope roof greening. Click green roof trays for more detail information.

Plastic Trays --- The Ideal Solution for Roof Greening


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