20 Oct 2014

Popular Tips on Saving Water

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  • There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you have saved a fortune on a rainy day;
  • Rainwater is free, pure, soft and plants love it;
  • Replace power showers with aerated ones;
  • Mulch your bare soil areas to slow down evaporation;
  • Power shower uses more water than a deep bath;
  • Wait until the dishwasher is full before turning it on;
  • Put a plastic bottle full of water in the toilet cistern;
  • Turn taps off between use – even for a few seconds and especially in the kitchen. If left running kitchen taps use 12 litres of water per minute;
  • Don’t leave the tap running fast when you clean your teeth. Either rinse from a gladd or turn the tap down to a dribble;
  • Insulate around hot and cold water pipes, a lot of water gets wasted by running taps whilst waiting for hot or cold water to run through;
  • With raintwater harvesting you can measure the amount of water that you are using in the home and have an idea of where water is being wasted;
  • Repair all dripping taps;
  • It is better to give plants a really good watering once a week than a bit every day. Often, the water just remains in the top layer of soil away from the roots and simply evaporates without giving the plants any benefit at all.
  • Replace old taps with new aerated Taps;
  • Check that the toilet is not leaking water down the back of the bowl as is often the case with dual flush valve toilets.

Brief Introduction about Rain Water Harvesting Modular:

Rainwater harvesting system means the entire process of rainwater collecting. It is becoming increasingly obvious to most governments around the world that the cost of providing a usable water supply is increasing rapidly. Decaying infrastructure and storm water system pollution is not only contaminating ecosystems but this valuable source of water is literally going down the drain. A solution for this problem is Rainwater Harvesting, it is the process of collecting, storing, and distributing rainwater from the roof for use in and around the home or office.

Leiyuan Rainwater Collecting Module is designed with scientific structure and manufactured using recycled material. It is a lightweight structural component developed through years of research & development. Pressure strength per square meter is 25 tons. Plastic modular is ideal for the construction infiltration tanks, re-use tanks, sub surface channels and lightweight void spaces for rooftop gardens, parkland, parking lot, road ect. We are able to produce higher pressure strength products according to customers’ specification.


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