01 Nov 2019

Popularization of rainwater harvesting systems

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This is an urbanized world. With the increase of population and industrial water consumption, the accelerating urbanization has taken away a lot of vegetation and forests, and a piece of “cement jungle” merged from high-rise buildings has risen. Such changes have not only warmed the city, but also increased its depletion.

Water resources in many cities face problems such as insufficient water supply or insufficient utilization. Recycling of rainwater is an effective measure to alleviate urban water shortage. Rainwater recycling can improve the utilization of water resources to a certain extent. It is an effective way to open source and reduce expenditures, and at the same time reduce the burden of urban drainage facilities.

Popularization of rainwater harvesting systems
Leiyuan started to export this kind of products since 2013, and was well received by dealers and customers in the United States, Australia, Europe and southeast Asia.The rainwater harvesting system has passed the inspection of TRI testing institution in the United States, and its quality is much higher than that of its foreign counterparts.The rainwater harvesting module is a product that can be used to store water but does not take up space; it has superior pressure bearing capacity; 95% of the hollow space can achieve more efficient water storage.

Building a sponge city, the rainwater harvesting systems is a good choice. The water source of the rainwater harvesting system can be divided into roof rainwater and ground rainwater. The roof rainwater is clean compared to the ground rainwater, and there are few other pollutants such as impurities, sandstone, etc., which can be directly discharged into the reservoir after simple filtration, and can be used after further treatment; and excessive impurities and pollutants in the ground rainwater. It needs to be separated by filtration and discharged before it can be discharged into the reservoir.It can be used after processing.

Popularization of rainwater harvesting systems
Rainwater harvesting system material: PP module, a new type of material that can be used to store rainwater. It has superior pressure bearing capacity; The material is 100% high quality recycled PP polypropylene, with no precipitation, no peculiar smell, and strong acid, strong alkaline resistance.

The impervious geotextile is usually wrapped around the pool to form an underground storage tank.Because the surface is smooth, no algal growth, the water quality of the stored water body can remain stable for a long time.Moreover, the combination of modules can make the rainwater collection and storage tank greatly adapt to the limitations of the site and form various shapes. At the same time, it has the advantages of convenient installation, large bearing capacity, and it can be removed and moved to other areas for further use.The storage device for collecting rainwater is composed of finished assembled PP blocks.

The rainwater harvesting system is mainly used for rainwater storage and reuse, drainage and water storage infiltration system along the road, parking lot, etc.Living communities, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, elevated Bridges, parks and scenic spots are necessary for the construction of sponge cities.



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