Drainage Cell Green Grid Roof System

Item No.: MP-S30C
Size: 333x333x30mm
Material: HDPE
Pressure Strength: 734 KN

Product: Board

Item No.: MP-S30C | Cell |

Size: 333x333x30mm


  Technical Data:

Item No. MP-S30C
Color Black
Picture  MP-F30C
Size(mm) 333x333x30
unit weight(g/m2) 3150 g/m2
pressrure strength(Kpa) 734KN
Hardness 92
water drainage  95%
vertical circulating capacity(cm3/s) 30 cm3/s
water retention(litre/m2)  
Loading Capacity 850sqm=1x20ft container1800sqm=1x40ft container2200sqm=1x40HC container
Package 18pc/bundle, 0.6m3/bundle

 Installation Guide:

drainage_platedrainage_board_Installation Guide

System Project Picture:

drainage_sheet_project_pic_01 drainage_sheet_project_pic_02 drainage_plate_project04 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA drainage_plate_project02 drainage_plate_project03

Roof Greening, Play Ground/ Golf Courses Water
Road, Underground, Tunnels,

Reduces surface temperature around building
No Surface Required
High Load Bearing 148.58 t /m2 Unconfined
Replenishes water supply to landscaped areas
Easy to Install
Unique and easy to use interlocking system

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