PP Hot Water Floor Hydronic Heating System for Homes

Item No.: WT4501
Material: PP
Size: 450 * 450 *25mm
Pressure Strength: 2000kg/sqm


is known as low-temperature hydronic radiant floor heating system, which is also called “Natural Gas Hydronic System” according to the name by the raw material for heating. It is a kind of heating mode that using a temperature of not higher than 60 ℃ hot water as heat medium, circulating the filler layer heating tube in the buried of underground, and then heating the whole floors, heating the indoor with radiation and convection heat transferring through the ground.


Hydronic is originated in Europe. Hydronic floor heating module from Industrial Company Limited is producing by high strength molding process, so that it is compactness and high heat transfer speed. This kind of hydronic module system can greatly reduce the thickness of floor heating system, which is conductive to high efficiency heating. Dry modular is helpful for future floor heating system maintenance. When the situation of the floor heating pipe blockage cannot be cleaned is happen, implement disassembling maintenance can be done (The traditional hydronic floor heating system can only be violent removal or re-installation).

hydronic systems for home


Item No.:  WT4501
Size:  450X450X25MM
Material:  PP
Weight:  2.5KG/sqm
Coil spacing:  15CM
Suitable pipe diameter:  16CM
Trap module:  400x400x25(small smount)
Capacity quantity:  200sqm/day


Electric Heating System
Advantage It can supply hot water, which can be used cyclically. Also, broken components can be replaced separately. For example, if there is just leaking problems, individuals can do the maintenance independently without the need for professional services. Hence, it is convenient and cost-saving. In addition, hydronic heating does not cause dryness, which makes it safe for the elder, the young and pregnant women. No need for washing
Disadvantage Over years and years of using, there might be incrustation appearing in the pipes because of different water qualities from various areas and regions. And the incrustation needs to be washed It does not supply hot water. Also, the damage cause by heating cable can only be fixed by taking out the entire floor layer, instead of fixing the broken component separately. The maintenance fee is relatively high because the overheated cable cannot be fixed but only be replaced by a new one. Furthermore, such damage requires professional services.

FEATURE  testing of hydronic module

– High compression: Each piece of Leiyuan Hydronic can be no distortion, no cracking under the rolling of car. With superior resistance to pressure, our hydronic module can  effectively protect the pipe, prevent the pipe under pressure and caused leakage problems. It also can be avoided in the state of the ground deformation caused by long-term stress, which is still unavailable for other domestic hydronic heating module now.


– Environmental safety: Hydronic floor is made of polypropylene (PP)  material, product, it is not only odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile harmful gases, but also has excellent resistance to high temperature (maximum temperature up to 100 ℃). What’s more, the module has low flame retardant and water absorption, good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation from humidity.

– Easy air circulation: the product has many channels and large space, which is fully consider the air flow resistance and make the application place more uniform temperature.

detail about hydronic module

– Water pipe fastening: the special buckle makes the pipe closely integrated with the hydronic module so that they will not stretch out, which is a great convenient for facilitate construction.

ADVANTAGESHydronic heating module (1)

  1. High strength, service life of 50 years.
  2. Once can be completed, convenient and save a lot of labor cost.
  3. Modular design, pipeline distribution uniformity, high pressure molding, high density and uniform density, fast heating, uniform heating.
  4. Non-toxic, odorless, flame retardancy, non volatile harmful gas.
  5. Can provide hot water and the water can be recycled, damaged parts can be replaced individually.
  6. Recycle resources (user needs): circular economy, reuse.
  7. The is simple, efficient, saving half time than traditional heating, skilled workers only need 40 minutes every 100 square meters.
  8. High compressive strength, can bear the rolling of the car.

APPLICATIONHydronic heating module (2)

  1. Industry
  2. Civil and Commercial building heating/refrigeration systems
  3. Agriculture
  4. Animal husbandry
  5. Fishing Industry
  6. Forestry
  7. Airport
  8. School
  9. Hospital
  10. 10.Indoor


  1. Clean the room
  2. Pave EPE reflective film or other insulation board
  3. Pave hydronic heating panels on EPE reflective film
  4. Coil water pipe with hydronic heating panels.
  5. Placing of concrete or other floor decorations in hydronic heating panels.



Hydronic Floor Heating Module Installation


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