16 Nov 2018

Romanian clients visited GS company with satisfaction

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Romanian clients visited China for the first time, especially to see our factory and to learn more about our production and products.

Romanian customers interest to visit GS company with satisfaction

One of the visitors is a landscape architect engaged in designing and installing for more than 15 years. There are over 300 suppliers in Europe, but there is great interest in importing from China to increase the diversity of available goods even though it may require funds to provide warehousing. The visitors were impressed by our wide range products: green roof trays, drainage plates, plastic grass grids, green wall trays etc. Green Roof Trays are new for their market, and they expect green roof projects will be a great potential market.

Romanian customers interest to visit GS company with satisfaction

The other visitor is mainly engaged in stormwater management solutions, and rainwater harvesting modules were very attractive. GS-tanks with plate & columnar structures in 5 different sizes can meet different project requirements. They seriously studied our production, lead time, and quality assurance, etc, and the installation process that does not require tools. It was exciting for them to be involved in assembling a harvesting module in just 2 minutes.

Romanian customers interest to visit GS company with satisfaction

There were further discussions on how to get started working together, they are satisfied with our professional lead time, quality control, loading, service and logistics. We believe this is a great start for us all. We welcome more of you to come and visit us also!

Thanks to Ken Nentwig for correcting and modifying this article.



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