Roof Greening Improves Urban Environment

Trays are the main carrier of the modular

The modular roof greening has a function and a ventilation system to ensure that the roots do not rot; the device ensures that the plants have sufficient water supply in the dry season, and colleagues also ensure that the soil nutrients are not easily lost.

Roof greening can increase the area of urban green space, improve the urban heat island effect caused by excessive felling of trees and various exhaust gas pollution, reduce the hazards to humans such as sandstorms, open up human green space, build garden cities, improve people’s living conditions, and It is extremely important to beautify the urban environment and improve the urban environment.

This product is a new type of roof trays, the size is 500X500X300MM.

Roof Greening Improves Urban Environment

Alleviate the surrounding microclimate and improve the urban environment. Urban air pollution caused by vehicles and air-conditioning equipment in residential and office buildings has become a major environmental problem. The plant cover of the green roof can absorb some harmful gases and absorb dust in the air, which has the effect of purifying the air.

Roof Greening Improves Urban Environment

The soil is thin and the load is light. The special substrate layer does not require any management, and green plants can grow healthily depending on natural climate conditions.

The is simple and the cost is low. The green roof of green plants can be assembled and combined without using reinforced concrete.

Protect the roof and improve the environment. After the green plants become a flat, it is like a green carpet covering the roof, which can block the damage to the roof by sunlight, wind, frost, rain, snow, etc., and can be heat-insulated, sound-proof and leak-proof. In addition, green plants can release oxygen, absorb dust and toxic substances in the air, eliminate noise and purify the environment.

If we can make full use of building roofs and various other facade spaces for greening, we can compensate for the occupied green space. This not only beautifies our lives, but also integrates the city into nature better.