20 Jan 2020

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

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Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

Your newspaper ’s “Urban Rejuvenation, Do n’t Forget Roof” report launched on Monday ’s “Aiming at the Best, Contributing, Seeing Wechat, Watching Shanghai” column, really expressed my heart. When it comes to the roof, many people find it invisible and unimportant. However, as long as you live above the 10th floor, you can see from the home that your eyes are all over the roof.

I used to travel to Singapore and the green roof there impressed me. In Singapore, you will see a lot of green spaces and parks. Not only the city has a large amount of vertical three-dimensional greening, but also many forms and new layouts. This not only improves the urban air pollution problem, but also creates a livable, garden-like urban appearance that attracts tourists and elites from all over the world. A comparison will reveal that in this regard, we still have a gap with well-performing countries.

My family lives near Zhongyuan Road and Nenjiang Road. Looking out the window, we can see the roof of Auchan Supermarket. The roof of the Auchan supermarket is a parking lot (see Figure 1), which has been considered as an effective use of the roof, but the entire building seems to have not been considered from the perspective of full use of space (see Figure 2). If the gray bald concrete floor and the bare vertical facade are properly greened, not only can the air be purified, but a richer and more vibrant visual experience can also be achieved.Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

It can be seen from the above cases that roof greening is not limited to the beautification of the roof, but also includes the greening of all special spaces, such as terraces, balconies, and underground garage roofs, which are not connected to the ground. In other words, roof greening is not isolated, and it is part of the overall landscaping project. Neglecting to integrate the roof with the surrounding environment is also not advisable.

In Shanghai, there are many places where roof greening can take place. For example, the bus station in summer is very sun-drenched. Can vines be planted on the roof of the station shed to reduce the temperature? With so many entrances and exits of the Shanghai subway, the roof of each entrance can be a beautiful green space. Can it be made more beautiful and distinctive through a special green design? It is expected that these spaces will receive more attention and attention in the future.



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