03 Sep 2019

Roof planting module installation process

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  1. The roof or ground where the green planting module is to be placed is leveled, and if necessary, the bottom layer is treated with water;
  2. Start the two or two modules along the starting point, the water pipes between the modules are connected well, and the water pipes and the modules must be fastened;
  3. Place a filter plate and geotextile on each module, and the geotextile should cover the entire filter plate;
  4. Place the soil and smooth it, the soil does not exceed the border of the module;
  5. Planting plants such as flowers and plants, watering them, and trying not to exceed the module’s ability to store water;
  6. Usually watered according to the weather conditions.


– Check that each module is complete and defect free before installation;
– The surrounding modules should be sealed with a plug.

Roof planting module installation process
Roof planting module installation process



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