13 Oct 2015

Soil Stabilization Grid Is Best Choice for Muddy Paddock Solutions

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Horse riding soil stabilization grid designed by Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is made of extremely durable and high-quality plastics, it is environmentally friendly and can offer the highest degree of riding comfort while treating the tendons and joints of your horses particularly gently.

Horse riding grid prevents the intermingling of the surface with the subsoil. Roughly 2/3 the price of other commercial equestrian footing products. Besides that, it can make you retire for life from paddock improvement career. You just need to fix it once with horse paddock grids, and then forget it forever. What’s more, horse riding grids provides usable outdoor or indoor footing 365 days a year come rain or shine.

Using paddock grids instead of the “twelve inches of gravel” method can permanently solve your muddy paddock problems. It is the best choice for muddy paddock solutions. walkways prevent you from providing turnouts for your – or your clients’ – horses? Constant rainfall, clay soil, heavy traffic – it doesn’t matter! paddock drainage grids provides usable paddocks year-round. Other ground treatments, such as hog fuel, require annual removal and reapplication. Horse riding grids is now suggested by the Conservation Office.

Thanks to the open cells of the Leiyuan plastic flooring grid, excess water is swiftly drained and their shape and height prevent soil compaction in the tread layer. The space inside the individual cells serves to preserve moisture and thus protects the ground from drying out. Paddocks and open stables are kept free from mud and puddles. Riding arenas may be used as required, even during the more wet seasons.


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