Comparison Between Artificial Grass and Natural Grass

Nowadays natural grass is gradually replaced by artificial grass. You can see artificial turf grass in every place. Do you want to know the reason? Let us show you the comparison between artificial grass and natural grass. Appearance: Synthetic turf comes in different lengths, colors and is manufactured to exactly give the same look and feel just like.. read more →

Why Artificial Turf Grass Is Eco Green?

Water Conservation Artificial turf grass do not need water to keep lush, green, and beautiful for very year. This water savings advantage means a lot of things to whose who decide to use artificial turf in their landscaping decoration. Firstly, it saves money on water bills. Watering lawns requires a large percentage of residential water.. read more →

Green The World With Artificial Turf Grass

Increasingly, artificial turf grass is being used as an architectural feature in planning urban landscapes greening. It is becoming an unviable preposition for people to rowing and maintaining natural grass lawns. One of the reasons is that natural grass need more regular maintenance and resources for their upkeep. Maintaining natural grass need water resources and.. read more →


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