You won’t Miss the Hanging Gardens

Green roofs according to different requirements are varied. There are common household green roofs at several forms by using drainage board system. 1, flower type is the most common form of the roof of a small platform is to use as a roof terrace planted potted then place reasonable arrangement to form a small garden. If the.. read more →

Landscaping Made Easy with the Best Gardening Materials

Green Roofs have become extremely popular over the years. A green roofing system helps in covering the roof of the building partially or completely with vegetation, grass or various other small plants. A good roofing system offers a waterproofing membrane with additional layers like the roof barriers, irrigation and drainage systems. These are also.. read more →

How to Compare Grass Pavers?

Instructions 1. Determine the material that comprises the grass pavers. Some pavers contain several materials, while others use mainly concrete, asphalt or plastic. Concrete materials tend to withstand heavy traffic and sunlight better than plastic, while plastic can last longer than asphalt in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations. Plastic is sturdy enough to suffice in.. read more →


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