Leiyuan Grass Grid Helps You Build a Green Parking Lot

With global climate warming, environmental issues aroused our attention. People began to consciously looking for a green material to build their own parking lot. They tried to park the car on the grass, but soon found that the parking lot would have a muddy mess. So that the grass grid appears in our sight. Grass gridis.. read more →

Plastic Grass Grid From Leiyuan Allow Light to Heavy Vehicular Traffic

Plastic grass grid from Leiyuan company form a permeable pavement surface that allows light to heavy vehicle traffic over live turf. This system employs honeycomb cells not only allow grass roots to grow without compaction from surface loads, but also allow storm water to drain directly through to the substrate.  The grass grid is made of 100% recycled HDPE are rigid,.. read more →

Lawn Grid – Great Choice for Parking

Leiyuan Lawn grid turf stabilizer is a great choice for low-impact parking. A beautiful, sustainable and economical solution to manage stormwater and reduce heat island effects in public places, parking and traffic areas. Parking lots, access roads, and driveways installed with Leiyuan lawn grid are stabilized so turf can grow, with no ruts or  sinking,.. read more →

How to Compare Grass Pavers?

Instructions 1. Determine the material that comprises the grass pavers. Some pavers contain several materials, while others use mainly concrete, asphalt or plastic. Concrete materials tend to withstand heavy traffic and sunlight better than plastic, while plastic can last longer than asphalt in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations. Plastic is sturdy enough to suffice in.. read more →


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