Case Show of Green Roof System

Green roof system not only protect the building and add features to the city environment, but it also helps to manage the rain and create a diverse habitat for plants, wildlife and people. Roof garden helps city to cool environment, improve air quality and provide a biodiverse habitat. They manage rainwater, cut off buildings and.. read more →

How to Solve Global Warming by Greening Solutions?

Nowadays, the increasing addition of green house gases to the earth’s atmosphere is much concerned by our people. One of the outstanding greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Usually when fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy for driving our automobiles, carbon dioxide is produced. It is believed that increasing addition of carbon dioxide into the.. read more →

Green Roof Constructed By Leiyuan

Green Roofs are becoming increasingly popular and important for flat roof design in the world. Traditionally more common in Europe, green roofs are now seen as a major part of how contractors build and present flat spaces. Drainage sheeting is an important component in the complete green roof system. Leiyuan Drainage sheet can be used in roof.. read more →

Green Roof Systems With Drainage Plates.

Drainage plates is a type of Green Roof Systems which are drained by waffled plastic sheets. Water is retained within pockets on the upper sides of the drainage plates; excess water spills over the edges of the plates and is carried off the roof. Since drainage plates are lightweight and easy to install, they have.. read more →

Residential Green Roof Systems

Green roofs, also called living or planted roofs, are systems of living plants and vegetation installed on the roof of an existing or new structure. The green roof concept has came out for a long time. The hanging gardens of babylon constructed around 500 B.C. were perhaps one of the first green roof systems. Popular.. read more →

Quanzhou Leiyuan Offers Unique Green Roof Designs

Fujian, China — Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co. Ltd is a reputed company that is primarily involved in the area of research and production activities related to plastic gardening materials. The company is based in China, and was started in the year 2008. The company covers a total area of around 8,000 square kilometers. Having.. read more →

Greening Solution Offers Certified Green Roof System

Landscape construction and green roof system are followed by a number of industries in order to create greenery. Plastic gardening materials are largely used nowadays as they can offer both durability and elegance. Good quality green roofs and related products are offered to customers by Greening Solution from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited. The company.. read more →


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