Application of Leiyuan Vertical Greening Plant Containers

1.Outdoor plant Wall The beauty of the city, lies vast majority in the pubic landscape. And as a new generation of three-dimensional green city landscape, the outdoor plant wall with vertical greening plant containers can be tedious original building wall decorated with green, showing a strong green vitality, make the city full of beauty, improve the quality.. read more →

Using Geotextiles Fabrics In Gravel Stabilization

Gravel Soil stabilization is an integral part to any roadway, railway, or load bearing construction project, as poor drainage and co-mingling of materials can lead to rapid structural disintegration and subsequent project failure. With the cost of aggregate continuing to rise, engineers and contractors are looking for a solution that will allow them to continue.. read more →

Advantages of Using Plastic Drainage plate

With the improvement of living standards, many people are longing for the pastoral life, on the roof with water storage and drainage plate began making Roof garden. Five major advantages of plastic drainage plate: First: the high compressive strength, strong supporting force, drainage board materialtoughness relatively good situation of high hardness and compressive strength of high. Second: the plastic drainage plate structure at the same time to discharge water from the surface drainage board forming drainage, waterproof layer does not contact the drainage board below.When the water through the soil by geotextile filtration to excess water to.. read more →

MP-B25A Drainage and Water Storage Tray from Leiyuan

MP-B25A plastic water tray from Leiyuan Greening Solution is a lightweight, high strength, interlocking module that provides excellent subsoil drainage and water storage for roof gardens, planters and landscaped decks. As well as improving the appearance of buildings green roofs give architects and landscape gardeners many more benefits too. By increasing insulation, green roofs can lower.. read more →

Why Choose Grass Pavers from Leiyuan?

Grass Pavers are becoming very popular, for they have great permeable qualities. These pavers are made with voids on the pavers, which is where once installed, grass or vegetation is planted inside and allowed to grow through the pavers. The pavers themselves can be made from plastic, concrete or gravel, and can be used in.. read more →

Introduction about Leiyuan Grid Paver

What is Grid Paver? Grid paver is a durable interlocking paving system. Leiyuan Grid Paver is versatile enough to support heavy equipment and temporary staging areas to grass reinforcement, ground stabilization and storm water management. Leiyuan Grid Paver is a grid paving system that is environmentally friendly and made of HDPE Material. Leiyuan permeable grid.. read more →

Why Build Green Roofs?

Green Roofs are roofs that are substantially covered with living plants. Although historical and archaeological evidence suggests that green roofs have been built for more than three thousand years, widespread acceptance has always been limited by the structural cost of supporting heavy soils and by the technical challenges of low-slope waterproofing. Recent advances in membrane.. read more →

Introduction about Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series.

Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series are a strong interlocking plastic grid paving system for reinforcing grassed areas for overspill car parking lots, driveways, pathways, cycles routes, golf buggy paths, wheelchair access,  light aircraft parking, emergency vehicle access routes and lawns. Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Pavers is manufactured from 100% HDPE(HIGH Density Polyethylene).. read more →

Leiyuan Greening Solution – A leading provider of vertical Green Walls.

We have all heard about green roofs and know about their environmental advantages, but there is a new concept that is taking root, especially in urban environments: green walls or living walls. Better than the old ivy-covered buildings, which can be adversely affected by the vines, these walls are designed to feature a variety of.. read more →

Choosing Leiyuan Grid System for Your Permeable Driveway/Pathway Project.

For decades in Europe plastic grid systems is widely used for stabilizing grass and gravel in common place, now they are becoming more and more popular in North America with both developer and homeowners. These systems allow them to use grass or gravel to create stable, drivable surfaces for driveways, parking lot areas and fire.. read more →


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