Plastic Ground Reinforcement Systems

The Leiyuan ground reinforcement grass grid MZ-450—made in China from 100% British recycled plastic waste. The pavers clip together easily to create highly durable ground reinforcement to any dimension, perfect for car parking, pathways and verge stabilisation, amongst its many uses. MZ-450 plastic grass grid is quick and easy to install, and creates a surface able.. read more →

Why is Grass Paving Important?

Few things are more eco-friendly in parking and road construction than leiyuan grass pavement, even in LEED structures. Not only does it reduce stormwater runoff, preventing pollutants from entering natural aquifers through bioremediation, it prevents the Heat Island Effect caused by concrete and asphalt structures at the same time, contributing to more steady, cooler temperatures and.. read more →

Is A Grid System The Best Option for A Gravel Stabilizer?

With a number of benefits, Leiyuan’s paving grid system is the best possible option as it creates ground reinforcement, acts as a gravel stabilizer and eliminates future maintenance issues. The  permeable pavers captures and stabilizes gravel, preventing it from spreading and causing ruts, a common issue with unstabilized gravel parking lots and roads. This means you.. read more →

Introduction about Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series.

Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Paver Series are a strong interlocking plastic grid paving system for reinforcing grassed areas for overspill car parking lots, driveways, pathways, cycles routes, golf buggy paths, wheelchair access,  light aircraft parking, emergency vehicle access routes and lawns. Leiyuan Greening Solution Grass Grid Pavers is manufactured from 100% HDPE(HIGH Density Polyethylene).. read more →

Quanzhou Leiyuan Offers Unique Green Roof Designs

Fujian, China — Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co. Ltd is a reputed company that is primarily involved in the area of research and production activities related to plastic gardening materials. The company is based in China, and was started in the year 2008. The company covers a total area of around 8,000 square kilometers. Having.. read more →

High Quality Plastic Gardening Materials Are Offered to Customers at Reasonable Rates

A wide range of quality products for landscape construction and city greening are delivered to customers from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited through the website Green roof system and other plastic gardening materials are produced with the help of the latest technology machines in order to ensure international standard and quality. Plastic grass pavers.. read more →


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