Are You Looking for Rainwater Harvesting Solutions?

Going green has become increasingly popular recently. Small steps can make a huge impact. If you are ready to do your part, why not try rainwater harvesting? This idea may sound overwhelming or impossible, but Leiyuan is at your service to provide all the information and tank modules you need for rainwater collection. We can answer all.. read more →

Popular Tips on Saving Water

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you have saved a fortune on a rainy day; Rainwater is free, pure, soft and plants love it; Replace power showers with aerated ones; Mulch your bare soil areas to slow down evaporation; Power shower uses more water than a deep bath; Wait until the dishwasher is full before.. read more →

Rainwater Collecting Modulars from Leiyuan Company

Rainwater Collecting Modulars are a sub surface system that can be constructed to hold any volume required. These systems are built out of modular plastic cubes similar to milk crates. They are stacked to the appropriate size then wrapped in a liner and covered with soil. This allows the storm water to be managed underground with.. read more →


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