Leiyuan Rainwater Harvesting Modular Pass TRI Testing Recently

In order to offer best rainwater harvesting modular and service to customers from all over the world, recently Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited send components for fabrication of Rainwater Harvest Modular underground stormwater storage chambers to TRI Environmental, Inc. for testing and analysis. The samples were sent and tested under TRI log number E2402-31-10. Compression testing.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Can Let You Making Use Of Free Water

Nowadays with all kinds of environmental problem, people has realize that we need to make more efficient use of every resources in the world. And harvesting rainwater is a reasonable option for solving some water related issues in both outdoor and industrial scale. They can be widely used in homes, farms, public construction and buildings.. read more →

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

Harvesting rainwater comes to using different technologies to get, store and provide this kind of water. It is extremely well known in many countries but somehow using is it for example in bangladesh is very small. Researches found that in most of the people do not realize that the rainwater is good to drink, use.. read more →


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