Case Show of Green Roof System

Green roof system not only protect the building and add features to the city environment, but it also helps to manage the rain and create a diverse habitat for plants, wildlife and people. Roof garden helps city to cool environment, improve air quality and provide a biodiverse habitat. They manage rainwater, cut off buildings and.. read more →

2015 Roof Garden Design Ideas

In the world of landscape architecture and design, roof garden designs are big news. some truly inspiring designs have incorporated the most innovative landscaping materials to produce public spaces and roof terraces that take the inner city dweller to a whole new realm of greenery and nature since developers and urban designers look up to.. read more →

Advantages of Using Plastic Drainage plate

With the improvement of living standards, many people are longing for the pastoral life, on the roof with water storage and drainage plate began making Roof garden. Five major advantages of plastic drainage plate: First: the high compressive strength, strong supporting force, drainage board materialtoughness relatively good situation of high hardness and compressive strength of high. Second: the plastic drainage plate structure at the same time to discharge water from the surface drainage board forming drainage, waterproof layer does not contact the drainage board below.When the water through the soil by geotextile filtration to excess water to.. read more →

MP-B25A Drainage and Water Storage Tray from Leiyuan

MP-B25A plastic water tray from Leiyuan Greening Solution is a lightweight, high strength, interlocking module that provides excellent subsoil drainage and water storage for roof gardens, planters and landscaped decks. As well as improving the appearance of buildings green roofs give architects and landscape gardeners many more benefits too. By increasing insulation, green roofs can lower.. read more →

Green Roof Constructed By Leiyuan

Green Roofs are becoming increasingly popular and important for flat roof design in the world. Traditionally more common in Europe, green roofs are now seen as a major part of how contractors build and present flat spaces. Drainage sheeting is an important component in the complete green roof system. Leiyuan Drainage sheet can be used in roof.. read more →

Features of Rainwater Tank Module

Leiyuan Rainwater Tank Modules are suited to any subsurface infiltration, retention or detention Stormwater applications. Manufactured using recycled materials, the Tank Modules are lightweight, engineered design, structural component developed through research & development. It is ideally used for the construction of underground Infiltration, Reuse, Detention Tanks, Grass Swale, Subsurface interception channels, Septic Leach Drains and light.. read more →

Green Roofs Need Policy Escort

In fact, the modern green roof can not be considered innovative. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Is the model of green roof, on each layer of building are planted plants, hundreds of years ago, Icelanders had grass on the roof, after this method spread to many.. read more →

Types and benefits of green roofs

There are a lot of advantage on green roof, urban greening has become the consensus. Awareness on the benefits of green roofs f greening is becoming more and more deeply, green roofs are the following four benefits: 1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions In addition to reduce air conditioning usage, the roof garden plants can absorb.. read more →

Benefits of Drainage Cell System

Drainage Cell System provides a perfect solution for subsoil drainage application for creating successful roof garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage. The 30mm Drainage Cell provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water. The 30mm drainage cell system has a unique CUP.. read more →

Energy Saving Green Roof Systems for Urban Living

Protection and Beautification offered by Green Roof CHINA – August 7th, 2013 – Greening Solution from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited offers a variety of Green Roof Systems for the improvement of urban environment, the working environments as well as improving the quality of lives of people living around. Green Roof installation means a lot of.. read more →


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