24 Jun 2016

Take Under Floor Heating System to Warm Your House

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Are you worried about the arrival of the winter? Are you feared that the heating costs are too high while you can’t afford it? Are you concerned that the heating can not spread to every corner of the room? Don’t worry! Leiyuan’s under floor heating system can solve your problems.

Under floor heating system also called radiant floor heating. With a temperature not higher than 60℃ hot water as the heating medium, circulation flow in the filling layer of the heating pipe buried below the ground, heating the whole floor and through the ground to radiation and convection heat transfer mode to the indoor heating of a heating means.

Leiyuan’s under floor heating system is using high-strength molding process from repression, compactness and high heat transfer speed. It greatly reduces the thickness of the heating system and is conducive to the high efficiency of heating. The heat dissipation characteristics is from bottom to top and it has the characteristics of warm, comfortable (heat evenly without drying), health, energy, etc.

Features and advantages

Leiyuan’s under floor heating system is made of environmentally friendly materials without pollution, at temperatures above 100℃ will not produce any toxic gases, including formaldehyde. It is easy to install and have buckle can directly fix the pipe.

The price of the under floor heating system is inexpensive and reliable than other similar products. Energy saving, environmental protection, compression and preservative, available for 50 years without problems are under floor heating system’s characteristics.

Leiyuan’s under floor heating module have many advantages, such as: high strength, more than 50 years working life, non-toxic, odorless, non volatile harmful gas, etc. The construction of the under floor heating system is simple, saving half time than traditional heating, skilled workers only need 40 minutes every 100 square meters. It can supply hot water, which can be used cyclically.

For more products information about under floor heating system, please visit https://www.greening-solution.com/hydronic-floor-heating-module/.



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