28 Nov 2018

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

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People are always looking for the beautiful scenery all around the world. Actually, some of the best scenery can be created on rooftops.

While the roof is mainly a shelter from the wind and rain, with proper design it can be decorative too, and add ‘sparkle’ to normally drab aspects.

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

The green roof is a “green air conditioner” that helps the building to remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to the vegetation and soil acting as an insulating factor, the interior is better controlled, and the plants affect the surrounding temperature as well. The vegetation also absorbs carbon dioxide, doing its part to help the environment.

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

Through appropriate design and construction, ‘roof greening’ plays an aesthetic role, slows and manages water runoff thus reducing storm surges, effectively protects the roof structure components, and extends the waterproof material service life.

Here is a simple illustration of ‘roof greening’ components:

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

‘Roof Greening’ requires that the structural design can carry the load of the green roof components and the water being held in temporary storage in the growing medium. Additionally, the waterproofing cannot be perforated or compromised by roots, roof greening components, or installation activities. The ‘Drainage Board’ modules help to spread the load evenly across the roof, allow for drainage of excess water, and also retain small ‘cups’ of water for use by the plant material.

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

In order to meet different engineering requirements, we have developed a series of Drainage Boards. They are intended to be installed on different types of roof structures, and there are also applications for on-the-ground situations.

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

We not only provide products, but also service: direct delivery to the project site can be arranged, and technicians are available for on-site technical and installation guidance.

Thanks to Ken Nentwig for correcting and modifying this article.



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