07 Oct 2020

Three-dimensional greening in De Baarsjes community

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The De Baarsjes community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a veritable social melting pot, where people from 129 different countries and regions of the world gather. In order to improve the quality of life here, the authorities built a comprehensive building here that integrates swimming pools, spas, fitness and fitness, saunas, party centers, cafes, and fast food restaurants. Since this building is located in a park, the architects covered the building with thick coat of green vegetation.

Three-dimensional greening in Amsterdam

Each function in the building can bring different users to the building. The open interior space allows people to see other activities happening and inspire them to do more activities here. This plant-wrapped building is like a wing of an old, weedy structure in the park. And if you look carefully, you can see the large bright glass curtain wall dotted on it. People reach where they want to go through different entrances. The building is like a city hidden in a cave. Each window opens to provide an outward view for various users, and the roof skylight allows sunlight to penetrate into the building. Lower windows frame the view of the street and the sun terrace.

Three-dimensional greening in Amsterdam

Three-dimensional urban greening is one of the important forms of urban greening. It is an important and effective way to improve the urban ecological environment and enrich the urban green landscape. The development of three-dimensional greening can enrich the spatial structure of urban gardens and greening and the artistic effects of urban three-dimensional landscapes, which will help to further increase the amount of urban greenery, reduce the heat island effect, vacuum, reduce noise and harmful gases, and create and improve the urban ecological environment. It can also keep heat preservation and heat insulation, save energy, and can also retain rainwater, alleviating the pressure of urban sewage and drainage.

Three-dimensional greening in Amsterdam

It is worth mentioning that the three-dimensional greening technology will not only not damage the walls and roofs of the building, but can also play a protective role to prevent thermal expansion and contraction caused by direct sunlight from cracking and water seepage. At the same time, the three-dimensional green cover plant layer can effectively use the energy generated by the sun, natural rainwater and the thermal radiation emitted by the building itself for photosynthesis, and produce oxygen for human use.

Three-dimensional greening in Amsterdam



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