14 Dec 2015

Valuable Water Saving Resource – Rain Harvesting Tank

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As we all know, water is a natural resource decreasing rapidly nowadays, it is reported that during peak water usage months the percentage reached to 50% of water used for irrigation purposes of the total household water used. Why we choose perfectly good drinking water to water our landscape when some people even not have access to clean water in many areas? Rainwater collecting is not a new concept, it appeared from thousand years ago; Leiyuan understands the increasing demand for rainwater harvesting products at present and provide professional, quality systems with years warranty.

This system utilizes all the raindrops running through filters and entering a buried water storage tank. The tank then holds the water for use for irrigation. A pump is required to create the pressure to deliver to the irrigation system. This type of system is great for residential properties and small commercial properties.

Underground rainwater harvesting system is make for environmental friendly and economic sense, up to 50 % of drinking water can be saved.Specialized design make it convenience for transportation and flexible to be installed in most area without take up valuable space.


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