13 Oct 2017

What can we do to reduce waterlogging?

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Each region has different characteristics,rainwater utilization projects should be adapted to local conditions, In combination with local development needs, geographical features and so on, to make effective plans. Mainly based on rainwater infiltration, adopt the principle of recycling in place to recycling rainwater, finally achieve rainwater infiltration, reduce waterlogging, reach the purpose of effective use of rainwater.
Low Elevation Greenbelt
Road paved area and ringgreen should give priority to recessed design, if lawn higher than ground, the rain can’t permeate in time, they will inflow into drains in vain, low elevation greenbelt can collect rainwater temporary, when it rains, even can’t permeate in time, also can save 10 centimeter rainwater, then infiltrate into ground slowly.
Rainwater Detention Tank
The other important factor of urban drainage mitigation are rivers and lakes, they having a natural reservoir function. However, the phenomenon of urban constructions occupied rive and lake area is very common. Each building, greenland, community can keep the rain— Build Rainwater Detention Tank. What’s more, the tank should have permeation function as far as possible. So when it is peak rainfall period, it can help to reduce drainage stress and recharge the groundwater, increase available water resources.
Green Roofs
It means plant on the roof of the building, form a comprehensive ecosystem. Green roof can reduce the volume of roof rainwater runoff effectively. Part of the roof is covered with plants, roof drainage can be substantially reduced, Leiyuan Drainage Board is special design for Green roofs, it could storage the rainwater for plant growth, also can help to reduce roof drainage stress.
Permeable Pavement 
Use porous asphalt pavement and Permeable tile to pave the road, increase its permeability and breathability, let rainwater infiltrate into subsurfacr soil promptly, reduce flood peak and erosion, conserve local water supplies, improving regional ecological environment.
Rainwater Utilization 
GS-Tanks Rainwater Harvesting System can collect the rainwater from ground and rooftop, by discarding and simple filtering, the water can be used for miscellaneous water, save tap water, reduce water treatment cost. And supply for landscaping irrigation, recharge for underground water.
GS-Tanks construction site:
What can we do to reduce waterlogging?
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