01 Sep 2015

Why Artificial Turf Grass Is Eco Green?

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Water Conservation
Artificial turf grass do not need water to keep lush, green, and beautiful for very year. This water savings advantage means a lot of things to whose who decide to use artificial turf in their landscaping decoration. Firstly, it saves money on water bills. Watering lawns requires a large percentage of residential water usage, but the cost savings can be substantial if use artificial turf grass instead of natural lawn. The Synthetic Turf Council estimates that the use of artificial lawns have resulted in the conservation of between six to nine billion gallons of water in 2015. Nowadays, in order to save money on water bills, some cities offer credits and rebates for people who install artificial turf grass to replace natural landscaping lawn.

Chemical-Free Maintenance
Maintaining a natural grass lawn may require a variety of fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killing chemicals to keep the grass looking its best. While, synthetic turf grass eliminates the need for these lawn care chemicals, keeping them out of the yard, and out of the environment. Homeowners also feel grateful because they do not need to spend time and energy performing maintenance on their artificial lawn any longer. With artificial lawn grass, people now have much time to enjoy the lawn instead of mowing, edging, and seeding.

Health & Wellness
Artificial grass is worthwhile and necessary to save the environment, at the same time, it is also contributes to the health and wellness of the people and animals that use it every day. Artificial turf grass does not contain any allergens like natural grass and plants. It also does not harbor insects, because there is nothing in synthetic grass for insects to feed upon. And grass stains are a thing of the past. Fake grass is a soft surface for children to play on that will not leave grass or mud stains on their clothes and shoes.


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