17 Nov 2015

Why Choose Plastic Paddock Grids from Leiyuan?

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Ground reinforcement plastic paddock grids system manufactured from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited was designed for livestock not sold to livestock owners as an afterthought.

Plastic grate flooring grid provides a permanent solution for customers from all over the world. The grid actually is a stabilizer and becomes a part of the natural flooring. The base layer and top layer will be permanently separated and unable to move. Equestrian performance ground grids are actually good for the environment as well as horses and other livestock. The product is good for the environment and is practically indestructible in farm/agricultural environments because it is made of 100% recycled polyethylene.  Livestock hooves will not harm it – not even severe pawing! Besides that, paddock grid system offers excellent drainage, durability, traction and comfort. The gravel grid is interlocking which provides a one piece installation. No maintenance is required to maintain the level surface because there is no shifting.

Unlike rubber mats, Horse paddock grid does not trap the wetness in the stall.  The bedding always stays dryer because the top edges of the plastic grid are exposed they actually bear the weight of the horse providing a similar feel to rubber mats but with excellent traction. The grids are flush with the fill material, so cleaning the stalls is a breeze, tools glide over the surface, because the soil stabilizers grid is stiff enough to maintain it’s original flat, level surface.  Stalls can be cleaned in a fraction of the usual time.  Why not try the grid floor system in one of your stalls and see for yourself !


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