25 Sep 2015

Why Green Roof Is An Excellent Investment?

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Global warming and pollution is now the hottest topic on the news all over the world. People has more and more focus on these problem. it is so important that everyone need to do effort to contribute to making the world a cleaner place. One of the best solutions is to to use ecologically friendly materials when building your home. It is green roofing.

A green roof is a roof, just like a rooftop garden, that is covered with vegetation, grass flower or other plants. Actually, green roofs were developed in the 1960s in Germany, and it has become quite popular in many European countries. It is only recently however, that green roof technology has begun to catch on in the U.S.

Green roof solution is excellent for city dwellers those who often lack green space such as a yard or a deck. Build a green roof can offer a space to express one’s creativity, and bring nature back to the city. And you can invite insects, birds, and butterflies that would otherwise have nowhere else to go by planting native vegetation. What’s more, green rooftops decoration are aesthetically pleasing and offer a visual contrast to the pavement and steel that dominates the cityscape.

Green roof has many environmental benefits which including the reduction of water runoff that occurs with typical homes. A reduction of runoff is good for the entire community, as too much runoff can result in flooding and water contamination. These green roofs are able to absorb as much as 75% of falling rainwater as green roofs feature soil and plant life. The moisture is then released back into the air through condensation. A typical roof on the other hand is built to be totally waterproof, so every drop of water runs off and drains into the sewers.

Except for reducing water runoff, green roofs also can reduce the presence of toxins in the environment. Pollutants in the air and water, as well as carbon dioxide are absorbed by plant life and rendered harmless. These plants also produce oxygen.

green roofs are not only great for the environment, but also an excellent investment. If you install green roof properly, it can last at least twice as long as typical roofing material, what’s more, it can save you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.


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