27 Jul 2016

Why Leiyuan’s Under Floor Heating Module is Better Than Traditional Electric Heating?

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Leiyuan’s under floor heating module, named according to heating materials, is called “natural gas heating” as well. Using the circulation of hot water (no more than 60 degree Celsius) in the heating pipes mounted beneath the floor, the floor is heated by radiation and convection. This type of heat transition conveys the heat energy from bottom to the top evenly, which obeys the ergonomic rules. Therefore, it has the advantage of supplying heat efficiently and healthily without causing dryness.

The advantages of hydronic floor heating module: It can supply hot water, which can be used cyclically. Also, broken components can be replaced separately. For example, if there are leaking problems, people can do the maintenance by their hand without helps. Therefore, it is convenient and cost-saving. In addition, under floor heating module does not cause dryness, which makes it safe for the elder, the young and pregnant women.

The disadvantages of under floor heating module: Over years and years of using, there might be incrustation appearing in the pipes because of different water qualities from various areas and regions. And the incrustation needs to be washed.

Advantages of electric heating: no need for washing

Disadvantages: It does not supply hot water. Also, the damage cause by heating cable can only be fixed by taking out the entire floor layer, instead of fixing the broken component separately. The maintenance fee is relatively high because the overheated cable cannot be fixed but only be replaced by a new one. Furthermore, such damage requires professional services.

In fact, the above mentioned are not the key point. The most important thing is under floor heating module will not threat people’s life. However, the overheated cable in electric heating system could be quite dangerous as it redistribution is achieved by the force of water mercury, ensuring the safe operation of the entire system.

After compare the two heating system, I think everyone of you can have an exact answer: hydronic radiant heating module. Let our new design under floor heating module give you a warm winter.

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