Underground Water Tank

Modular for System, Void Ratio 96%

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Underground Water Tank, Modular Rainwater Tanks

Mainly made of high purity PP with features of fragile and tough. The Modular doesn’t react easily with acid or vinegar, etc. Owning to provide an environment at cryogenic temperatures by applicating underground, the serving life could be above 55 years. And they are 100% recyclable at the end of it useful life.

Underground Water Tank, Modular Rainwater Tanks

By the reason of making full use of dynamics and logistic principles, stability of triangle are applicated a lot on its plates. With the combination of round shape, the system is proven to provide robust, effective source control through retention, storage and collection at deeper or shallower depths.

Underground Water Tank, Modular Rainwater Tanks

The Underground Water Tank enormous void percentage, 96%, enables the ability to create a larger subterranean cavity utilizing less space. The result is a reduction in excavation and land clearing requirements. The Modular System can store an unlimited amount of water and control stormwater runoff.

Underground Water Tank, Modular Rainwater Tanks

for System
Leiyuan Company offer a wide range of Underground Water Tank to provide retention, attenuation and Infiltration for surface water or underground water as a harvesting / drainage solution at various areas.
The Modular facilitate the method of on-site assembly and combine in an interlocking raft to provide flood regulation and storage structures.

Technical Specifications

Void Ratio: Up to 96%
Vertical Loading on Top(23°C): Up to 1029.2 KN/m²
Lateral Loading on Side(23°C): Up to 221.2 KN/m²
Vertical Loading on Top(40°C): Up to 585.73KN/m²
Lateral Loading on Side(40°C): Up to 159.12KN/m²
Raw-materials: Virgin Polypropylene or 100% Recycled PP

Underground Water Tank, Modular Rainwater Tanks

Column Structure: Express setup, Large capacity, Strong load capacity. (#M2016S, #M2016B)
Plate Structure: Economical and practical, plates are adjustable for different load capacity requirements. (#M2018, #M2017, #M2015F, #M2015H, #M2014)

SEVEN SIZES available
M2018: 100cm × 50cm × 50cm(3.28' × 1.64' × 0.85')
M2017: 100cm × 100cm × 50cm(3.28' × 3.28' × 0.85')
M2016B: 120cm × 60cm × 70cm(3.94' × 1.97' × 1.15')
M2016S: 100cm × 50cm × 50cm(3.28' × 1.64' × 0.82')
M2015F: 80cm × 49cm × 53cm(2.62' × 1.61' × 1.74')
M2015H: 80cm × 49cm × 25cm(2.62' × 1.61' × 0.82')
M2014: 68cm × 41cm × 45cm(2.23' × 1.35' × 1.48')

Multiple structures & sizes of Underground Water Tank could adapt to the demand of different engineering.

Rainwater Value:
Richard Heini - USA Rainwater Harvesting & Utilization Expert often says “all water is rain”. On the globe we live on, no matter it is the water in underground layer or the water in rivers, it falls down from the sky at the earliest. After rainwater falls down to the ground, it irrigates into underground water storage layer via soil and stone layer, carrying some substances like minerals and salt that are good for human health. The key lies in that hardness of underground water is generally high, but rainwater recycling could save the water softener used in underground water treatment, and also save the soap and detergent used at washing, etc. Thus, it an effective way to make scientific rainwater harvesting, reasonable storage and energy-saving use for energy conservation and emission reduction, and it is an effective guarantee to give full play to the use value of rainwater.

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