Rainwater Harvesting Module

Sustainable Urban System, Loading capacity above 45 tons/sqm

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Rainwater Harvesting Module, Modular Storage Tanks Manufacturer

Rainwater Harvesting Module #M2015F

Size: 2.62’ x 1.61’ x 1.74’ (800 x 490 x 530mm )
Material: 100% Recycled PP, or Virgin Materials
Load Capacity: 45T/m2
Tanks: 5 tanks/cbm
Void ratio: 95%
Water Storage: 208L/tank
Weight: 12.7kg/tank

Rainwater Harvesting Module shall be the core part of Sustainable Urban System, it can be used for water storage but not occupying the space as the new product; it has the ultra strong pressure bearing capacity; the 95% hollow space can accomplish the water storage with better efficiency.

Sustainable Urban
Sustainable Urban refers to as per demands and then disposing the harvested rainwater to meet designed use standard. At present, most of the Sustainable Urban System are composed of filtration system, and purification system. Originated from Europe, it has been widely applied in Europe, North America, Australia, etc.

Modular Storage Tanks for Sustainable Urban
Rainwater Harvesting Module, Modular Storage Tanks
Rainwater Retention, Attenuation and Infiltration
The Rainwater Harvesting Module can be mainly used for rainwater Retention, Attenuation, Infiltration. The and water storage-permeation and filtration system along side the roads, parking lot, water storage and drainage for the ecological shallow ridges, living community, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, viaducts and bridges, park and scenic spot, it will be the necessity for construction of sponge city.

The unique characteristics of  Modular Storage Tanks
Long Service Life: Manufactured from 100% recycled Polypropylene and reach up to 40 year design life.
Chemical Stability: No significant change after soaking in water, odorless with strong property of anti-acid-alkali.
Variety Size Available: With five different sizes of modules available, GS-Tanks are cater for all volumn requirements.
Loading Capacity above 45 tons/Sqm: Certified by American TRI testing institution, conforms with HS-20 standard.
Market Recognition: With short lead time and high loading quantity in container bring the customers maximum profit.

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