Whats is Modular wall greening?

Vertical afforest calls stereo afforest again, be to make full use of a space namely, in the place such as wall balcony windowsill roof perches to plant climbing plant, in order to increase afforest coverage rate, improve living environment With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the issue of urban land has attracted more and.. read more →

Use less glass curtain wall and more wall greening

I have read “How to have both air conditioning and environmental protection” and agree with the author’s point of view. From this I thought that cities should use less glass curtain walls and more green walls, which is equivalent to installing a large air conditioner on the buildings to reduce the city’s heat island effect… read more →

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs Your newspaper ’s “Urban Rejuvenation, Do n’t Forget Roof” report launched on Monday ’s “Aiming at the Best, Contributing, Seeing Wechat, Watching Shanghai” column, really expressed my heart. When it comes to the roof, many people find it invisible and unimportant. However, as long as.. read more →

Build a “roof garden” and make your life poetic!

Create a “roof garden” where you can exchange feelings with loved ones on the roof and make your life look like poetry! Otherwise, don’t do it, and do it best. Multiple functional areas are divided on the roof, and the views of the garden are arranged, and the corners and corners are fully utilized. According.. read more →

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction

Green roof technology of LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction With the development of the global economy, the quality of people’s lives is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by ecological imbalances and environmental degradation. Therefore, “green life” has become the main theme of the modern era. In this environment, The idea.. read more →

Why plant walls are so popular?

Why plant walls are so popular? From a visual point of view, the plant wall is more artistic. A plant wall work, through different colors, shapes, size combinations and different arrangement, can coordinate with the surrounding environment, present different postures, or enchanting, or unrestrained, or slim, can be called the fine art. Product. From a.. read more →

Roof planting module installation process

The roof or ground where the green planting module is to be placed is leveled, and if necessary, the bottom layer is treated with water; Start the two or two modules along the starting point, the water pipes between the modules are connected well, and the water pipes and the modules must be fastened; Place.. read more →

Drainage Sheet Installation Method for Underground Basement

Based on different water sources of roof, wall and floor of underground engineering, the combined measures of structural water proof and using drainage sheet can effectively improve the waterproof quality of underground engineering. Underground wall and floor is always in an environment that have the water leakage risk, so we need to make sure all.. read more →

New Wall Greening Planter GF50156

GS-Planter family just welcomed a new member GF50156, which is also one of the wall greening planter. Actually it is made up of 3 different size of planters. Please check its profile as follows: Small Size Planter: 115*67*145MM Middle Size Planter: 261*67*145MM Large Size Planter: 522*67*145MM And we just finished a wall greening project in.. read more →

Rainwater Collection And Utilization In Road Landscape Design

Roads are an important part of urban construction and an important foundation for urban economic development. Through roads, urban exchanges can also be achieved, and urban economic development can also be driven. Therefore, road landscape design cannot be ignored. At present, the sidewalks of municipal roads in China are basically paved with impervious materials, and.. read more →


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