Modular Water Storage Tanks

Load Capacity: 60T/sqm

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modular water storage tanks, underground rainwater collection tanks

Modular Tanks, underground rainwater collection tanks

Size: 1000 x 500 x 500mm
Material: 100% Recycled PP
Load Capacity: 60T/sqm
Tanks: 4 tanks/cbm
Void ratio: 93%
: 230L/tank
Weight: 12kgs/tank

The system module, which should be called "rainwater collecting and utilization system "in its full name, refer to the collection and utilization of rainfall runoff from hardened surface such as roof of construction, roads, square etc., which are collected, transported, purified, and stored in the rainwater collecting system constructed by rainfall collecting module. Then this collecting rainfall is used in the supplement for greening, water, washing and groundwater sources, to achieve the goal of comprehensively employing rainwater sources and conserving water resources. It has a broad significance in mitigating urban rainwater floods and groundwater table decline, controlling pollution of rainwater runoff, and improving urban ecological environment.

modular water storage tanks, underground rainwater collection tanks

Modular Tanks is a newly product that can be used to store rainwater but does not take up space. With an excellent pressure capacity and a 95% of the hollow space can achieve more efficient water storage.
In a society that encourages environmental and energy conservation, it is urgent to choose other ways to replace running water for green irrigation. How to collect cheap rainwater which is a natural freshwater resource for irrigation is something we need to think about. The PP rainwater collection module can easily store rainwater which are not usually readily to obtain, and prevent it from running away, so we can use rainwater reasonably as to save water resources.

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Modular Tanks features:

  1. Underground Rainwater Collection Tanks is flexible to cut with elaborately design. It can be assembled at will into storage space with different capacity which can reach up to 93%.
  2. With principle of the stand column design, the pressure resistance exceeds 60 tons, and the rainwater matrix with different loads can be made according to the construction requirements.
  3. With the button-type installation it needs no mechanical or accessory assembly, lead to saving construction time.
  4. With a split type design, Underground Rainwater Collection Tanks can be arbitrarily disassembled to reduce more than 35% of excavation of earthwork volumes, transportation and 65% of backfilling, to reasonably use the underground space while occupy less underground space under the circumstance of not affecting the ground floor.
  5. With abilities of anti-corrosion and a large enough space,there are enough aerobic activity space to prevent the growth of the anaerobic bacteria and parasites and algae that affect water quality due to the condition of rainwater stagnation in the Modular Tanks.
  6. With the employment of PP polypropylene material, it is 100% recyclable and safe and pollution-free which is more beneficial to improving the quality of stored water ; it has a long life, anti-ageing, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, can adapt to a variety of tough environments.
  7. It is able to collect rainwater from the lawn pavement area in roof garden and driveway leading to a more reasonable increase of and water supply capacity.
modular water storage tanks, underground rainwater collection tanks

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