27 Jan 2015

Advantages of Using Plastic Drainage plate

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With the improvement of living standards, many people are longing for the pastoral life, on the roof with water storage and drainage plate began making Roof garden.

Five major advantages of plastic drainage plate:

First: the high compressive strength, strong supporting force, drainage board materialtoughness relatively good situation of high hardness and compressive strength of high.

Second: the plastic drainage plate structure at the same time to discharge water from the surface drainage board forming drainage, waterproof layer does not contact the drainage board below.When the water through the soil by geotextile filtration to excess water to drain out.

Third: drainage plates are convex, ventilation and heat insulation, the convex points down in the mixed surface soil protection layer forming a layer overhead, the roof has good heat insulation effect.

Fourth: the drainage and storage water board without hole also confirmed that it will not be able to plant root growth to the drainage plate down, we all know that the plant roots as long as there is air medium togrowth, and the drainage plate without hole well separate the air medium to plant roots to thegeotextile will form a disk shaped coiled growth.

Fifth: water nutrient solution concave surface concave small cup of water or filtered down good storage supply around plant roots remain root moisture and nutrient absorption.

The above five big advantage, the water storage plate is a wise choice, add a touch of naturalcolor to our life, and more environmental protection, reduction of pollution. Leiyuan Greening solution is a professional factory manufacturing plastic drainage plate, grass grid, rainwater harvesting modulars, plant container etc. Welcome inquiry about our products on https://www.greening-solution.com/.


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