27 May 2016

Best Lawn Care Material – Plastic Lawn Edging from Leiyuan

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Everybody wants a beautiful looking garden at their home. However, there is only few people realize that one of the main elements in order for them to get a good looking garden is their lawn.

It does not matter how much care that you are give to your flowers and other plants, if you do not really look into the lawn maintenance your garden will not be looking beautiful.

One of the elements in taking care of the lawn is its edging and one of the common ways how people do their edging at their house is by using plastic edging.

Plastic edging plays a very important role in a garden. One of it is it demarcating one area form another area so that a clean a nice border can be made out of it.

Another benefit of having a good edging is so that your lawn will not grow uncontrollable and invaded other planting beds of any other area of your garden.

Plastic lawn edging available at Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is the perfect choice for your garden edging. Standing out for simple and quick installation, environmentally friendly design and low cost Flexi-edge is:

1. Tidy – keeps lawn edges, grass and borders separate.
2. Flexible – this lawn edging is great for straight and curved edges as it bends up to 70 degrees. It’s perfect for bushes and trees as well as lawns!
3. Quick to install – available in 1m lengths which connect together, DIY-ers can install about 15m of this lawn edging in an hour.
4. Easy to install – Flexi-edge simply stakes into place with no digging required.
5. Reusable – Flexi-edge can be moved time and time again allowing you to change your garden’s lawn edging.
6. Durable – made from recycled material that is virtually indestructible, you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing or maintaining your lawn edging again anytime soon.

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