26 Jan 2018

Case Show of Green Roof System

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Green roof system not only protect the building and add features to the city environment, but it also helps to manage the rain and create a diverse habitat for plants, wildlife and people.
Roof garden helps city to cool environment, improve air quality and provide a biodiverse habitat. They manage rainwater, cut off buildings and reduce heating and cooling costs by reducing stormwater runoff and filtering pollutants – which is what they help to reduce urban heat island effects.

1. Otora i cortili roof garden in Brera, Milan, Italy
This roof garden shows the possibility of transforming old and historic areas and buildings. Orto fra i cortili is a recycled roof that has been transformed into a green roof for residential use. The modular tray grows 4 different colored plants, including 2 mauve and green lettuce and 2 yellow and mauve pansies. The flower bed is placed linearly so that a series of monochrome strips are formed. Placed on the flower bed to bring environmental benefits. This means that the beams support the pallets, leaving the space between the two, and the shielding of the terraces helps to reduce the building’s temperature and thus the cost of summer cooling.

2. Vierhavenstrip roof garden in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Roof Park Vierhavenstrip retail store (indoor) with a spacious public roof park, there are many positive benefits to the surrounding community and the entire area. Eastern commercial facade with tall trees and green hedges. The west features a folded surface and several theme gardens. The project certifies the possibility of designing urban Spaces at commercial centers and even at its top.

3. Natick Knight roof garden in the United States
This roof garden is specially designed to combine residential areas, inspiring interaction and enjoying the open green spaces with ornamental lawns, flowering perennials and evergreen shrubs. The urban oasis is a reused space that has been transformed into a pleasant and inviting garden that appeals to people and makes them part of the surrounding landscape. This is related to the development of sustainable urban life. Completed in 2008, the project won the 2012 Boston Society of Landscape Architects awards.



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