Three points to consider for roof greening

Green roofs have many benefits and here are three points to consider for roof greening,they are roof load,waterproof and drainage system,plant. read more →

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

The rainwater harvesting modular is a system that collects rainwater according to the needs and processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. read more →

Introduction of Wall Greening

Wall greening, as a way of three-dimensional greening, refers to vertical greening on building walls by people using vegetation decoration materials. read more →

New type honeycomb paving board

Recently, a Chinese company developed a new type honeycomb paving board, which refreshed people’s understanding of rainwater management. read more →

Roof Greening Improves Urban Environment

Roof greening can increase the area of urban green space, improve the urban heat island effect caused by excessive felling of trees and various exhaust gas pollution, reduce the hazards to humans such as sandstorms, open up human green space, build garden cities, improve people’s living conditions, and It is extremely important to beautify the urban environment and improve the urban environment. read more →

Underground water tank in swimming pool conversion project

The protagonist of today’s story is our underground water tank customer,he converted a 60,000L swimming pool to an underground rainwater harvesting tank by installing a geocellular structure inside the existing pool. read more →

The good choice of drainage solution–Grille Drain Cover

Grille Drain Cover has excellent drainage effect ,it is a wise choice for drainage solution. read more →

Application of rainwater collector in rainwater reuse

The plastic rainwater collector is a kind of PP plastic, which can be buried underground to collect rainwater and reuse rainwater. With the acceleration of urbanization, the shortage of water resources, environmental pollution, ecological damage and other problems are increasing. read more →

Whats is Modular wall greening?

Vertical afforest calls stereo afforest again, be to make full use of a space namely, in the place such as wall balcony windowsill roof perches to plant climbing plant, in order to increase afforest coverage rate, improve living environment With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the issue of urban land has attracted more and.. read more →

LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction

Green roof technology of LEIYUAN Technology promotes China’s “green hospital” construction With the development of the global economy, the quality of people’s lives is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by ecological imbalances and environmental degradation. Therefore, “green life” has become the main theme of the modern era. In this environment, The idea.. read more →

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