Whats is Modular wall greening?

Vertical afforest calls stereo afforest again, be to make full use of a space namely, in the place such as wall balcony windowsill roof perches to plant climbing plant, in order to increase afforest coverage rate, improve living environment With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the issue of urban land has attracted more and.. read more →

Use less glass curtain wall and more wall greening

I have read “How to have both air conditioning and environmental protection” and agree with the author’s point of view. From this I thought that cities should use less glass curtain walls and more green walls, which is equivalent to installing a large air conditioner on the buildings to reduce the city’s heat island effect… read more →

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs

Roof greening is not limited to the beautification of roofs Your newspaper ’s “Urban Rejuvenation, Do n’t Forget Roof” report launched on Monday ’s “Aiming at the Best, Contributing, Seeing Wechat, Watching Shanghai” column, really expressed my heart. When it comes to the roof, many people find it invisible and unimportant. However, as long as.. read more →

Green roof of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Roof greening is a form of constructing green landscapes on the top of buildings through certain techniques based on the characteristics of the roof structure of the building, the load, and the ecological environmental conditions on the roof. In “Garden City” Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, a pioneer in the implementation of roof energy conservation and.. read more →

Popularization of rainwater harvesting systems

This is an urbanized world. With the increase of population and industrial water consumption, the accelerating urbanization has taken away a lot of vegetation and forests, and a piece of “cement jungle” merged from high-rise buildings has risen. Such changes have not only warmed the city, but also increased its depletion. Water resources in many.. read more →

Storage Rainwater when it rains release and use when it is sunny

Storage Rainwater when it rains, release and use when it is sunny Xiasha Park added “sponge body” Automated control sprinkler irrigation system Permeable pavement Drive into the Xiasha Riverside Avenue area, the trees are lined with trees, high and low, and it seems to have come to another big scenic spot. All the way to.. read more →

How to construct this water catchment system

The complete most acceptable alternative to your golf courses water will ride in your special environment and price range. A broad choice of TALL water butts which may hold lots of water in a tiny footprint in your garden. During any 1 day that the storage could overflow dependent on the quantity of roof runoff.. read more →

The Pitfall of Green Roof Trays

The roof can be constructed the identical way and several are made out of a flowing roof. Prior to starting building your green roof, you need to make sure your current shed roof is powerful enough to take any excess weight upon it. If you’re also thinking about having a green roof for your office.. read more →


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