The changes brought by three-dimensional greening to the city

The changes brought by three-dimensional greening to the city The whole building is covered with green, and the summer is no longer hot; on the roof of high-rise buildings, a small garden composed of flowers, lawns, shrubs, etc. becomes a leisure place after work; on the balconies and corridors of each floor , hanging plants,.. read more →

Why is Sponge City so difficult?

Introduction to Sponge City Sponge city refers to a city that can be like a sponge and has good “elasticity” in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters. It absorbs, stores, seeps, and purifies water when it rains, and “releases” the stored water when needed. And use it. The construction of sponge cities.. read more →

‘Hanging gardens’? No, roof greening

Design Principles The roof greening landscape integrates architectural technology and greening and beautification, highlighting the beauty of artistic conception. The important method is to use the roofs, platforms, balconies, window sills and walls of the main building to open up garden sites, make full use of gardening factors such as garden plants, micro-topography, water bodies.. read more →

Modular roof greening of Malaysia International School

Roof greening can be broadly understood as a general term for planting trees and flowers on the roofs, terraces, roofs, balconies or large artificial rockeries of various ancient and modern buildings, structures, city walls, bridges (overpasses), etc. Roof greening can increase the area of ​​urban green space and improve the deteriorating human living environment space;.. read more →

When the city is flooded by heavy rains, the ground problem is the key

When the city is flooded by heavy rains, the ground problem is the key, and the city’s waterlogging cannot only look at the drainage system 01 From 20 o’clock on July 19 to 20 o’clock on the 20th of this year, Zhengzhou’s single-day rainfall was as high as 552.5mm. The rainfall in the three days.. read more →

VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre

Inspired by the organic forms and natural systems of a native orchid, VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre is organized into undulating green roof ‘petals’ that float above rammed earth walls. read more →

Vertical living wall in Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Accentuating the lobby of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a 25-foot, vertical living wall that blends industrial motifs with natural elements. read more →

Application of Rainwater Harvesting Modular

The rainwater harvesting modular is a system that collects rainwater according to the needs and processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. read more →

Examples of Living Green Roofs- Grass Turf and Succulent Sedums

Living roofs, also called green roofs,which have many economic, ecological and social benefits, are rapidly growing in sustainable, eco-friendly architecture. read more →

Introduction of Wall Greening

Wall greening, as a way of three-dimensional greening, refers to vertical greening on building walls by people using vegetation decoration materials. read more →


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