17 Mar 2014

Choosing Leiyuan Grid System for Your Permeable Driveway/Pathway Project.

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For decades in Europe systems is widely used for stabilizing grass and gravel in common place, now they are becoming more and more popular in North America with both developer and homeowners. These systems allow them to use grass or gravel to create stable, drivable surfaces for driveways, parking lot areas and fire paths.

The increasing in use of these systems in North America has brought some excellent products to choose from as well as some which should be avoided. Failures have come in the form of fractured plastic, excessive gravel displacement and design failures that don’t withstand the specified use.

Some fine gravel become compressed and the delicate shallow cells have damaged by vehicle use. Products failure is as a result of incorrect product for project use-light duty plastic used in heavy duty application product design only contains gravel in rings and not open areas around rings incorrect fill(poorly specified gravel-no fines should ever be incorporated into a plastic grid system)

Leiyuan Greening solution offers ideal gravel grid design, these kind of grids incorporate a connected pattern of closed cells. The closed cell designs contain the entire volume of grass or gravel in a given application and provide sufficient strength to support both pedestrian and vehicular use. The ideal test for a plastic -turning tires are no problem on these types of grids. There are many variables to consider when selecting a plastic grid system for your permeable and stabilized grass or gravel surface. Just be sure to consult your local landscape architect/designer to ensure that the product you use is properly matched to your intended use.


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