25 Jun 2014

Ecological Construction pressing the “fifth facade” —Roof greening construction.

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Green RoofTo be known as the “fifth facade building” roof and metope planting crops and flowers form, is economic use of sun resources on the table body building. Advocate for agriculture and green roofs, enhance the space of land resources contribution to sustainable development and ecological civilization construction, to promote resource-saving and environment-friendly society, has important practical and strategic significance.
The past 30 years the world of agriculture and green roof implementation characteristics: First, the government attention. Such as Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan and other countries through legislation green roof into the municipal building; Germany has management agencies, city roof greening rate of 15%. Second, the technology is mature. French emergence of a set of soilless cultivation for roofs and walls, micro-irrigation, automation control as one of the vertical greening of new technologies; Milan, Italy built a “Ferris Forest apartment” roof planted with trees and flowers. Third, had become the fashion. New York, people often gathering in verdant green roof party, drinking and “sunbath” fitness; Singapore has built a number of “sky gardens”, people love chatting at night on the roof with the flowers
Green roofs and agriculture in our country and our province quietly rising. Ecological construction is always an urgent task of China’s modernization, “Let the forest into the city and make the city into the nature” more important. Government’s encouragement and self-driven the roof of agricultural land have mushroomed in China, such as Shanghai has built 500,000 square meters of “sky gardens”, green roofs rate of 7% annual increase of 50,000 square meters in the future. Nanjing Purple East in international creative park built 100,000 square meters roof farm, becoming the country’s largest green roof blocks. Zhejiang green roofs and agriculture under the provincial government’s attention, a leading domestic level: Provincial Academy of Agriculture to carry out the research and application of the roof since 2004, the roof of the building design, the roof made in technology, crop variety selection, cultivation techniques and safety performance dominate, has established 15 different types of pilot demonstration sites in the province. Hangzhou has implemented a 75 “flat green” projects, green roofs over 40 square meters; Qiandao Lake Gold Heng Garments built 8000 square meters on the roof “air garden” for the more than 350 employees to solve the vegetable self-sufficiency , and for sewage and garbage resolved way.
Green roofs on building green agriculture, ecology, beauty city far-reaching. Struggling to promote the “two rich” modernization city, actively promote green roofs and agriculture, is to implement the innovation-driven development strategy to promote agricultural restructuring inevitable requirement, but also to promote the inherent requirements of circular economy pilot in city and the beautiful building. Province Academy of Agricultural many years of research to prove the use of the roof, the roof made with ground arable no essential difference between the ground species of plants growing on the roof almost all of the kinds of plants are grown on the roof, yield fairly with the ground or above ground. And are not afraid of drought, without worry about flood, less pests, no sewage; spring flowers are blooming, summer fruit fragrance, autumn produce good harvests, when winter greenery, is becoming a new hope field.


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