09 Dec 2014

Green Roof Constructed By Leiyuan

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Green Roofs are becoming increasingly popular and important for flat roof design in the world. Traditionally more common in Europe, green roofs are now seen as a major part of how contractors build and present flat spaces.

Drainage sheeting is an important component in the complete green roof system.

Leiyuan Drainage sheet can be used in roof garden applications. This material comprises the HDPE studded sheeting with a geotextile filter layer bonded or loose laid on the upper and lower sides.

The HDPE sheet itself acts as root barrier and vapour mat, and the upper facing studs will collect water to ensure a sufficient moisture level in the soil.

Leiyuan Drainage sheetcan be used for extensive roof gardens, but where a higher level of water collection is sought, for example on higher intensity roof gardens holding grass and root plants; it is advisable to use Leiyuan Storage Water Roll SheetJES20. This product will give a higher level of protection and weight tolerance, and will be able to sustain substrate levels up to 200mm thick.

lEIYUAN offers a variation on the traditional drainage sheet with its new Perforated range, designed specifically with green roofs in mind.

The cups within the sheeting contain small drainage outlets at the edges to allow excess water to escape, whilst keeping a certain amount of water to remain in the cups, keeping a level of moisture available for the vegetation above.

It is important to remember, however, that these materials do not alone provide a drought resistant system. Regular watering and maintanance is required for all roof gardens and green roofs.

By using some Leiyuan’s geotextile fabrics in conjunction with Perforated Protecto-drain, an effective green roof system is achieved.
Our thicker fleeces not only act as a filtration layer, but they also hold an amount of water which can rise through the vapour holes in the HDPE sheeting back into the soil above.

Therefore the growing medium will not become completely dried out.

Leiyuan has a range of materials which cater for any type of soil retention or drainage system.

We have been working with a number of industry experts both in domestic China and foreign and are in the position to help the contractor by giving design, supply and installation advice for whatever different applications are required. Sincerely welcome your inquiry!


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