09 Nov 2015

How Stable Grid Flooring Works?

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Stable flooring grid is a HDPE material product with both soil control and permeable pavement appliance. It can be used in high traffic grass areas to prevent wear and provide a stable, solid grass surface that will hold up to vehicles, foot traffic and hoof traffic, paddock mud control etc.

This plastic matting grid system filled with gravel and sand can provide a beautiful and functional walkway, driveway, or parking lot that does not cause runoff. Stable flooring grid uses are limitless.

The load bearing capacity of stable gravel grid is up to 250 ton per square meter depending on installation preparation. Topping material depth is dependent upon use, climate and area restrictions.

How stable open grid flooring works?
1. Lightweight, hollow grid allows vegetation to grow through while maintaining a surface as level as pavement
2. Keeps the top layer of soil from mixing with the sub layers
3. Creates a porous surface to allow constant drainage
4. Offers a variety of surface preparations for individual needs
5. Eliminates depressions from tires, feet, hooves, etc.
6. Eliminates digging in yards and kennels
7. Easy for do-it-yourself installation – even by one person
8. Becomes a permanent part of the soil which needs little or no maintenance
9. Can be used to cover french drains, gravel filled ditches, etc. to eliminate standing water problems


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