13 Jun 2018

How to Ensure the Green Roof Trays Has Organized Drainage System?

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In the current roof greening, more and more projects use green roof trays (planting modules) in construction. The quality of the modules themselves will affect the actual completion of the project. If the water supply and drainage are not handled well, the roof will appear in heavy rain. Contaminated sewage contaminated gardens affected landscapes, planting pots, waterlogged plants, and other undesirable phenomena. For example, when choosing the green roof trays, it is better to choose the kind of modules that can form a whole, the internal space is interconnected and intercommunicated, and can form an independent, organized water supply and drainage channel. If the system is failed to Integrate a whole planting foundation, it can bring abo  ut the problem of water storage and drainage, and it has a great impact on the landscape effect.

How to Ensure the Green Roof Trays Has an Organized Drainage System?

Planting pots have separate water storage spaces that can increase water for subsequent maintenance. In condition of thin covering coil and in the sun, the water consumption of the plants is particularly large. Once water is scarce, the mortality rate of the plants is significantly higher, and the cost of supplementing and maintaining the seedlings is high. The independent water storage space is also the practice of the sponge city concept promoted by the country.

How to Ensure the Green Roof Trays Has an Organized Drainage System?

If there is no independent water storage space for the green roof trays, only the soil impediment will not bring about effective detention and use of rainwater, and sedimentation of the sediment will also block drainage and seepage. Therefore, as a roof greening practitioner, when choosing a planting pot, it is better not to care only the cost. After all, you get what you paid. The selection of excellent planting pots will bring huge benefits and guarantees for the subsequent conservation of green roofs and roof safety.

How to Ensure the Green Roof Trays Has an Organized Drainage System?



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