05 Jun 2014

Improving the urban paving environment – Energy-Saving Plastic grass grid

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Grass grid is the use of advanced technology from Germany, made ​​from 100% recycled plastic made ​​from high density polyethylene, which is an environmentally friendly material recyclable, UV-resistant, anti-dramatic punch. Grass grid size is 387mm × 387mm × 380mm, after the use of lawn coverage of 95%, a weight capacity of 200t/m2, while addressing the shortcomings of grass brick can be used for hot and dry areas.

Although people come to realize the importance of green energy- advantages and paved parking lot, but a recent survey found that promote this type of green energy paved the way parking is not smooth, but it is applied in the parking lot of a relatively reduced. We found the main reason as follow:

First, the rapid pace of urban development, the relative reduction in the number of parking ground. In the process of rapid urbanization, the inevitable need to build a lot of parking. Concrete paving construction speed, simple structure, high degree of mechanization. The traditional flat parking lot needs to occupy a lot of land area, the main city in the high cost of building parking garage as the preferred developer. Combined effect of these two aspects led to the use energy- ground floor parking area is relatively reduced.

Secondly, the cost of energy- awareness of the error floor. The old idea that high energy saving construction techniques and materials for certain costs, manufacturing complexity and long payback period. However, the use of advanced energy-saving grass grid technology paved the price is not high, and by improving the production process there is further room for reduction.

Finally, there is a wrong understanding of the use of energy- aspects of paving. Interviews reflect that many area residents, the developer community to replace grass green brick parking area, it was also opposed to the use of this energy-floor, that they are not smooth, easy to damage, easy to splash water on rainy days. Nevertheless, it must be noted that an energy- effect is to increase the paved parking lot of green space, and if used with other types of plants or sets the greenbelt is also able to achieve good results.

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