17 Mar 2016

Introduction about Drainage Plate and Application

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Drainage plate is made of polyethylene material impact resistance, tensile strength, stiffness and hardness high, with water, drainage, ventilation, insulation, thermal insulation and anti thorn six prominent function. Storage circular reservoir drainage plate unique honeycomb type arrangement, used to store water and overhead (insulation, ventilation, drainage); circular hole andedge joint allows excess water discharged in time, and is convenient for air circulation.

The unique structure and material to water storage and green roof drainage board has the characteristics of high compressive strength, large water storage, water fast, permeability, light weight, not easy to be blocked, aging resistance, quick construction etc.

Traditional drainage system usually uses brick tile as a filter layer, the use of more pebbles or gravel as the filter layer, the water is drained to the designated place. And now with the waterproofing drainage plate to replace the cobblestone filter layer to drainage and time-saving, labor-saving and energy-saving, saving investment, and reduce the load of buildings.

Scope of application:

Water drainage plate can be widely apply in many place, like roof garden, the overhead layer, large square, parking lot, flower bed, wall, floor underground engineering waterproof and drainage engineering.


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