11 Jun 2014

Multifunctional high-strength grass grid

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From 2008, Quanzhou Mingjing Plastic Products CO., Led. Cooperative invested by Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of plastic gardening materials. Now the company covers a factory area of more than eight thousand square meters.With advanced equipment and more than one hundred sets of instruction, etc. Simple design, easy installation, high quality and reasonable price make our products favored by customers from domestic and overseas.

The products we dealing with are : Grass Grid, Drainage Cell, Drain Cover, Vertical Greening Container, Roof Greening Plant Container, Root Barrier, Waterproof Material etc.

Grass grid structure:

The equilateral hexagonal or round hole shape structure, non-slip bottom stiffener grid, through the buckle between the board is connected to the ingenious design, installation is install easy, labor. Using polymer HDPE, glass fibers, nano oxide pigment (the standard ratio)

Grass Grid Features:

1. Perfect green: grass grid provides more than 95% of the grass area, 100% greening effect, can sound absorption, dust, heat and reduce reflective glare phenomena arising from the ground.

2. Saving investment: make parking and green grass grid functions combined, high cost of land the city can save and invest.

3. Flat complete: a unique and solid grass grid lap the entire paved surfaces together into a smooth whole, to avoid local depressions, construction and convenient.

4. High strength and durability: grass grid using patented technology, special materials, the maximum compressive capacity of 200 tons, square meters of climbing surface is greater than the regulatory requirements of 32 tons of Fire, square; stable performance, anti-UV, acid corrosion, anti- grinding pressure.

5. Green: grass grid security and stability, recyclable recycling, pollution-free, comprehensive care lawn.

6.  Light Saving: grass grid 5 kilograms per square meter, and lightweight, quick installation, saving labor shorten the construction cycle.

7. Breathable permeable: gravel bearing permeable layer provides a good feature, when precipitation excess water into the ground, increasing the amount of underground water, to prevent ground subsidence, excellent oxygen permeability function also made to purify the air.

8. Protection lawn: load-bearing gravel layer provides a certain amount of water features, lawn favorable growth, roots can grow into the gravel layer.

9. Conserve water: water conservation features with the vegetation, reduce urban waterlogging.

10.Good weather resistance: suitable for -40 centigrade to 90 centigrade can be used for snowmobile access.


Suitable for parking, fire exits, fire climbing surface, casino, fitness areas, slope greening, tree pool landscaping, sidewalks, driveway battery, convention center, embankment reinforcement, lawns and golf courses

Certificate : CE Certificate, ISO9001: 2008 Certificate

Warranty : Durability of at least 8 years in neutral ground of 4<PH<9




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