12 Apr 2016

New Online Hydronic Floor Heating Module from Leiyuan

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Hydronic systems is known as low-temperature hydronic radiant floor heating system, which is also called “Natural Gas Hydronic System” according to the name by the raw material for heating. It is a kind of heating mode that using a temperature of not higher than 60 ℃ hot water as heat medium, circulating the filler layer heating tube in the buried of underground, and then heating the whole floors, heating the indoor with radiation and convection heat transferring through the ground.

Hydronic heating module is originated in Europe. Hydronic floor heating module from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is producing by high strength molding process, so that it is compactness and high heat transfer speed. This kind of hydronic module system can greatly reduce the thickness of floor heating system, which is conductive to high efficiency heating. Dry modular construction is helpful for future floor heating system maintenance. When the situation of the floor heating pipe blockage cannot be cleaned is happen, implement disassembling maintenance can be done (The traditional hydronic floor heating system can only be violent removal or re-installation).

Featured Advantages:

– High compression: Each piece of Leiyuan Hydronic heating module can be no distortion, no cracking under the rolling of car. With superior resistance to pressure, our hydronic module can effectively protect the pipe, prevent the pipe under pressure and caused leakage problems. It also can be avoided in the state of the ground deformation caused by long-term stress, which is still unavailable for other domestic hydronic heating module now.

– Environmental safety: Hydronic water heating module is made of polypropylene (PP) material, product, it is not only odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile harmful gases, but also has excellent resistance to high temperature (maximum temperature up to 100 ℃). What’s more, the module has low flame retardant and water absorption, good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation from humidity.

– Easy air circulation: the product has many channels and large space, which is fully consider the air flow resistance and make the application place more uniform temperature.

– Water pipe fastening: the special buckle makes the pipe closely integrated with the hydronic module so that they will not stretch out, which is a great convenient for facilitate construction.

For more products information about Hydronic heating module, please visit https://www.greening-solution.com/hydronic-floor-heating-module/


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