14 Sep 2015

Plastic Landscaping Artificial Grass In Europe

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The artificial turf grass industry has been widely apply across in every place on the world throughout the years. And now Europe has utilized artificial grass for many purposes like like football and rugby with large sports industries development. From Germany and the UK, to different parts of the Netherlands, artificial lawn grass is becoming to be a growing trend and a popular alternative to natural grass in Europe. The continent is booming with locals, tourists, and a history that dates back extensively. And both traditional architecture and landmarks are of great significance to Europe as you may known. Therefore, using plastic landscaping artificial grass can exhibit its ability to both blend in with and accommodate the European style.

Europe takes an active action on ecological awareness and going green just like the US. In 2007, The international media outlets noted Europe noted as one of the leading continents in the global conservation movement. Europe continues to play a large role in the continent’s going green by installing plastic synthetic grass in both public areas and residential areas.Its ability to save money on water and maintenance costs has helped Europe in the financial sector, yielding its return on investment in approximately 10 years. With the aesthetic standard of natural European gardens, artificial carpet grass proves to look natural, and fits this clean and beautiful standard seen in many natural and historic gardens.

As one of the most commonly used turf products in Europe, artificial landscaping grass used for sports is has been a significant surface with sports like rugby and football which require a durable and safe pitch to play on,. Synthetic turf grass for pitches has been recognized by global associations, including The World Cup, FIFA, UEFA, as well as the Champions League also recognize synthetic grass based upon extensive testing.


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