03 Sep 2014

Quality of Drainage Board

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Parameters affect the quality of the normal drainage board is its ability to withstand pressure. The quality of drainage board can be measured from two aspects:

1, the value of the plastic components: the current domestic drainage board basically recycled secondary materials to production, including PE, PP, and other mixes materials. PE is relatively soft and good toughness, while PP is relatively hard and bad toughness. If looking at the specific level of regulation, generally Green color would be better than some of the black.

2. From a single weight and density to analyze two aspects:

Weight Analysis: under the same circumstances of material density, of course heavier is better. However, some suppliers add a relatively large auxiliary materials, which affecting the quality.

3, structural analysis: the ability to longitudinal compression. General drainage board is pressured by its own water cup, so the cup arm thickness, the size of the cup body and others have become the key factors affecting its quality.

There is an unreasonable way to compare the quality, that is relying solely on ways to break the drainage board bending, this comparison is not comprehensive and nor science. Only consider the toughness while ignore the compression capability.

From 2008, Quanzhou Mingjing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. cooperative invested by Quanzhou Leiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of plastic gardening materials. Now the company covers a factory area of more than eight thousand square meters. With advanced equipments and more than one hundred sets of instrument, we are able to produce the high quality products for city greening, landscape construction, etc. Simple design, easy installation, high quality and reasonable price make our products favored by customers from domestic and overseas.

Main Products: drainage cell, grass grid, drain cover, vertical greening container, roof greening plant container, root barrier, waterproof material etc.

Certificate: CE Certificate, ISO9001: 2008 Certificate
Warranty: durability of at least 8 years in natural ground of 4 < PH < 9
Main Market: South and East Asia, Oceania, Europe,North America


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