10 Aug 2018

This summer take your child to learn equestrian

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There are so many horse riding benefits, this summer take your child to learn equestrian!

Summer vacation is coming, parents want to know how to give children a happy and meaningful summer? If you want to cultivate a child’s interest, it is better to take them to go horse riding! Intimate interaction with the cute pony, feel the fun of horseback, but also learn the equestrianism that European aristocrats have been exposed since childhood, and exercise their unique temperament!

There are so many horse riding benefits, this summer take your child to learn equestrian!

Children’s horse riding has so many benefits:

Shaping a beautiful and straight posture
Equestrian sports require people to cooperate, and the technical requirements are higher. When learning to fight waves and other actions, you can let your child’s shoulders open naturally, the back is straight, and the waist and abdomen push down the pressure before force, thus correcting the child’s hunchback. In addition, body tremors during riding can promote blood circulation, increase metabolism and promote bone development in children.

Exercise coordination and balance
Equestrian requires that the hand, eye, heart and body coordination movements match the horse, otherwise it is difficult to control the horse. Long-term training is good for children’s cerebellum development, improving physical coordination and balance.

Improve mental quality and expand social skills
In the process of learning to control the horses, the children can continue to increase their courage, accumulate self-confidence, and face and overcome more bravely in the face of difficulties and setbacks. Maybe your child will study for a while after the horse, you will find that he seems to be weaker and he has become stronger!

At the racecourse, children can not only become close partners with Ma, but also make many like-minded partners, so that they no longer become “lonely generation”!

There are so many horse riding benefits, this summer take your child to learn equestrian!

Pleasant body and mind, have a happy summer vacation

Equestrianism is different from other sports. Many children have the desire to get close to them when they see horses. It turns out that many children who study equestrians regard horses as their best friends. Horseback riding is a kind of closeness to nature. If you have a busy class, you can let your body and mind be released on the horseback, and let the children’s unique innocence, liveliness and cheerfulness all show up!

There are so many horse riding benefits, this summer take your child to learn equestrian!

Problems that Parents are most worried about:

Q: Is it dangerous for children to ride horses?
A: Any sport is dangerous, but select a professional equestrian stables and under the guidance of professional venues and coaches, equestrian is safer in all sports. The professional stables will equip with professional coaches and standard horse flooring, which provide a much safer riding environment. Before riding, you need to be patient and do all kinds of preparations. During the ride, the child must cooperate with the coach and must not listen to the coach.
GS-Grid produce the professional paddock grids for a perfect equestrian flooring. If any stables interested in it, welcome to contact us!

Q: How many years old can start learning equestrian?
A: You can learn equestrian from the beginning of the age of four. Younger children usually use small horses that are suitable for children to ride and have a gentle personality (such as the super cute little horse we introduced before, and the professional club will be lively and interactive with personalized professional riding training. The way to let children learn equestrian in a relaxed environment.

Q: How long can the child ride alone?
A: At the beginning of the study, the children are not allowed to go to the racecourse. Instead, they need to receive the most basic training in the training circle. When the child is fully mastered of basic common sense and familiar with the habits of the horse, he can leave the training circle and enter the racecourse. After a period of practice, you can ride alone.

Q: What equipment do children need to ride?
A: First of all, dress code, in addition to helmet protection, it is best to wear protective vests; other such as riding boots, breeches, etc. are also necessary. If you are studying for a long time, it is best not to borrow equipment from the racecourse, but to prepare equipment for the children that best fit their size.



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