14 Jul 2014

Types and benefits of green roofs

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Green RoofThere are a lot of advantage on green roof, urban greening has become the consensus. Awareness on the benefits of green roofs f greening is becoming more and more deeply, green roofs are the following four benefits:
1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
In addition to reduce air conditioning usage, the roof garden plants can absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, releasing oxygen. 1.5 square meters per year grasses photosynthesis release oxygen consumption sufficient to meet ordinary people a year.
2. Reducing noise
Green roofs can also absorb the noise and have the sound insulation. The barrier layer of soil is easy to block low frequencies sounds, the plant is easy to block high frequencies sounds.
3. Purified air
Green roofs can not only absorb heat, reduce the temperature and increase the humidity, but also can the formation of a layer of “air filter.” 1 square meter per year grass roof can remove 0.2 kg of suspended particles in the air.
4. Reduce the urban heat island effect
Temperatures significantly higher than the suburban and rural areas, especially at night. Green roofs can reduce urban heat island effect.
There are three types of green roofs:
1. Expand the type of green roof
Called simple roof garden, according to the characteristics of the building load is relatively small, the use of lawn, ground cover, small shrubs and climbing plants green roof covering. Usually adopt the lawn, sedum this low maintenance drought-tolerant plants, irrigation systems often do not need to set up, natural rainfall alone can solve the problem of plant conservation.
Expansion-type green roofs is currently more popular than intensive green roofs, it’s like a living “plant blanket”, construction speed, low cost, light weight, and almost no maintenance, so long as check the 1 to 2 times each year, but usually not let people in the above activities.
2. Half intensive roof garden
Half intensive roof garden suitable for roof can be seen, need all year round can see green and flowering plants. A thickness thicker than the expansion type, the scope of plant selection and more widely, but does not include the class of tall trees tree. Which require regular irrigation and maintenance, you can leave the path and patio on the roof for people to walk and stay.
3. intensive green roof
Intensive green roofs can be said in the true sense of the roof garden, you can usually add trees, grass, pavilions, ponds, rockeries and wooden chairs and other garden design elements, providing people with a space for leisure and sport, but also the need for frequent maintenance and repair.
Building static load greater than or equal to 250kg / square meter building, you can choose half intensive green roof; building static load greater than or equal to 500kg / square meter building, you can choose intensive green roof (garden-style green roofs) , which is rich in plant selection species, shrubs or trees can all be selected, you can use multiple layers plants in the way, shrub and grass combined, resulting a good ecological and landscape effects. Some elements of landscape design, such as flower, rocks, water and other heavy objects should be designed in walls, columns, beams and other locations, also can design a ground terrain.


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